Maximum miles for a Qantas Oneworld Classic Flight Award

You can’t pick all out of the way destinations with this flight. Quite a few round the world flights will have maximum miles restrictions, from as low as 22,500 miles, through to a maximum of around 35,000 miles. This ensures that you’re not going crazy with distances, i.e. flying from Auckland to Chile, and then to Alaska, and then to London, and down to South Africa. There is one round-the-world flight that allows this, but it’s the expensive Oneworld Explorer, at $6000 for 16 flights.

I got lost in Hong Kong and found some weird hut!
I got lost in Hong Kong and found some weird hut!

Also, these miles are calculated as the sum of all the flights between city pairs. So if you’re flying Auckland to the Maldives, then add the miles from Auckland to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to the Maldives.

Calculating the maximum miles of your flight

A great website to plot all this is Great Circle Mapper. As you can see, I’m doing 33,489 miles, just within the limit. If you go over the limit, the booking engine doesn’t stop you, it just doesn’t cap at 140,000 Qantas Points, it’ll suddenly jump up to 250,000 Qantas Points, or higher.

140,000 Qantas Points for Economy, or 280,000 Qantas Points for Business

Pretty straight forward. This is how many Qantas Points you’ll need to make this happen. Very difficult in New Zealand to earn these points.  ANZ had an offer for a Credit Card that earned Qantas points, but that doesn’t exist anymore. Now the only way to earn them by credit card is through an American Express card, at the rate of 1 to 1.5 Qantas Points per dollar spent, depending on the card. There’s other minor ways to earn them, such as booking hotels with Qantas or buying things through the Qantas mall. There’s even the original method – flying with Qantas.

Whatever you do, it’s terrible value converting your Qantas Points for things, like a laptop, or vouchers. A round the world flight in economy is worth $10,000, or you could get $750 worth of Harvey Norman gift vouchers for roughly the same amount of Qantas points, 140,000.