Kowloon Hong Kong and the worst night show ever

Today we played Pokemon Go around Kowloon. It sounds like a funny thing to do on holiday, but it’s actually a travel guide! All the Pokestops are in interesting bits of the neighbourhood, and there’s normally a little description of what you’re seeing which is cool.

Wandering through Kowloon

We wandered through the area by Mong Kok towards Kowloon. This is the more Chinese part of the city, compared to Central on Hong Kong island which is the more commercial British part of the city. The buildings here are functional, not really beautiful, and gritty. We walked past a food market where guys with no shirts on were cutting meat, while ladies with full makeup were selling them. From Kowloon we caught the MTR to Central.

Checking out the massive IFC malls at Central

Central and Hong Kong station is where the massive IFC malls are. This is a typical high end mall, with all the regular wealthy brands. When I see Chloe or Tom Ford, I don’t really seem them as exclusive. You just need to be rich to wear them. They’re like Hallensteins or Glassons for rich people. We went into a high end store called Lane Crawford. I was wearing shorts, t-shirt, and Birkenstock sandals. The guy at the perfume counter didn’t even say hello to me. I guess shop staff get pretty good at judging people in advance. No surprise, Hong Kong people are very image conscious, so I’d imagine a couple of New Zealanders looking like a summer holiday would feel out of place.

Causeway Bay and getting lost in the heat

We then went to Causeway Bay and wandered around, including going to a craft beer bar that didn’t have a liquor license! Sure, they served Karma Cola from New Zealand which was nice, though it did cost $10 NZD for the privilege. We continued wandering and saw a lot of pretty average looking apartment complexes, but with some super wealthy cars on the outside, so many Tesla Model S cars! I guess when there’s no land, you invest in cars.

It was getting hot, around 25 degrees Celsius, so we decided to retreat back to Causeway Bay shopping centre, and hit up my only two clothing stores, Muji, and Uniqlo for a Fashion Renewal. I really only shop there now since they’re plain and cheap. I like them, and the quality is good.

The terrible ‘Symphony of Lights’ night show

After a wee break, we headed back outside to watch the Hong Kong Night Light show called ‘A Symphony of Lights’. Imagine watching 10 buildings for 90 minutes, with some lasers thrown in occasionally. Not recommended. We had been standing around so long and walking so much, that my lower back was killing me. First time that’s really ever happened. So we retreated back to the hotel, and after doing many a yoga stretch, we fell asleep immediately.

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