A Window of the World in Shenzhen China

Here’s a travel tip – use Google Translate, and download the offline translation. Then, you can press the camera button, and it’ll translate Chinese into English, and overlay lay it on top of the view you’re looking at. It’s amazing, and very helpful. Anyways, let’s head to Window of the World theme park!

Using the Shenzhen Metro

Anyways, the Shenzhen Metro is pretty straightforward with English signs and announcements. We caught Line 1 from Luohu Station towards Window of the World Station.

Our whole goal for Shenzhen was to go to Window of the World. This is a Chinese theme park dedicated to the world. Once you’ve gone here, you no longer have to actually visit the world. Probably.

But first, it was time for some Chinese KFC. I ordered a couple of bits of Chicken, as well as some Green Pepper Breast, and some Sticky Chicken wings. I didn’t eat it all, but I did taste it, and my reviews were mixed. Everything tasted a little weird. The Green Pepper Chicken Breast was the nicest, and was like a Wicked Wing chicken breast. But still, it didn’t taste as nice as New Zealand. Don’t even get me started on the ethical treatment of these chickens, I don’t imagine they had the happiest lives.

What is Window of the World?

Anyways, back to this weird theme park. It has a one third scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, and there’s hundreds of miniature world attractions within the park.

The real attraction however, is the Chinese quality within the park. All of the exhibits are ‘close-enough’ to being nice, but aren’t actually nice. I mean, the maintenance is just woeful. We went past a miniature Buddhist temple in Asia, and one of the little monk people didn’t have a head! He was headless in a temple! Seriously. Probably worse was seeing the Manhattan skyline and the two World Trade Centers. I’m not sure if news travels slow in Shenzhen, but ever since September 2011, this exhibit has been culturally wrong. Heck, some of the buildings on faux-Manhattan were rusting, didn’t have sides, super dirty. It was like if Manhattan had been abandoned by humans, and this is what was left 300 years later.

For $30, we rented this luxury golf cart to go around the the theme park. It’s pretty large, going at 5kmh, it took 40 minutes to go around the park, without looking at any exhibits. This was the most fun we’d had in ages, in our golf cart, looking at fake attractions around the world, I don’t think I’ve ever had a more modern Chinese experience.


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