Qantas Classic Flight Awards – How I got $10000 in flights for $1000

New Zealand is one of the best countries to do a round the world flight, because we’re so far away from anything, that pretty much any flight we do is a round the world flight, especially flights to Europe. Let’s look at how Qantas Classic Flight Awards gets us amazing value on a round the world flight.

I love round the world flights. When I travel I value new experiences and cultures. This includes the process of travel itself. Some people hate airports. They hate the hassle. They hate security. They hate duty free. They just wish they were at their destination so they can relax. That’s my wife. But I love it all. I used to work at an airport and I’d see all the people travelling and be jealous. I thought working in an airport would transfer some of that excitement to me. But alas, it never did.

So if round the world flights show a lot of the world, what’s the cheapest way to get one? Buying through an airline gets a simple one with three stops for $2000 or so. Buying through an airline alliance gets a complex one with 16 stops for $6000 or so. But there is one that’ll get you five stops for $1000 or so, to some far away destinations.

What I paid for a Qantas Classic Flight Awards versus the normal price

I ended up paying $1082 NZD for the following flights:

  • Auckland to Maldives via Hong Kong – $1287
  • Maldives to Vienna via Doha – $1229
  • Vienna to Tenerife via 1 night in Madrid – $317
  • Tenerife to St. Maarten via 1 night in London, and via Miami – $3017
  • St. Maarten to Los Angeles via Philadelphia – $3073
  • Los Angeles to Auckland – $1287.

A grand total of $10,210 worth of flights. So how did I do it?

Qantas Oneworld Classic Flight Awards

That is the Qantas Oneworld Classic Flight Award. It’s quite a name, but the the gist of it is:

  • Five stopovers;
  • Must use three Oneworld airlines;
  • No more than 35000 miles;
  • 140,000 Qantas Points for Economy, 280,000 Qantas Points for Business;
  • Taxes are additional.