Staying in Hong Kong with a post it note as my guide

Going through Hong Kong Airport is a quick and painless experience. Did have to wait in line for about 10 minutes for customs, but other than that no holdups, I was on the otherside.

There’s two main ways to get to Hong Kong island, the train and the bus. The train is quick and expensive, the bus slower and cheaper. I caught the A11 Cityflyer bus to Causeway Bay on Hong Kong island for 40 HKD. 10 HKD is about 1.66 NZD, or 1.50 NZD if mental maths is hard like for me. So the bus for 50 minutes was 6 NZD.

Hong Kong is a city of lights, lights everywhere, on all buildings, celebrating and selling Christmas. There must be a hundred power plants in China burning coal and melamine to power this city. It’s bright and amazing.

Got off and did a quick walk to the hostel. No signage externally at all. I did Google street view the place back home so I knew where it was, but seriously this was just a block of flats. Someone left so I could snark through the security doors and head to level 9.

To be presented with like a fire escape corridor. After wandering around I saw one apartment security grille with a post it note next to the buzzer. It was Pandora After 80s, the place I’m staying at. The toilet doesn’t fill with water so you have to use the showerhead to do it. That’s fill the toilet not take a dump.

Had dinner with an Israeli called Odead. Went to a Japanese place. I was weary of drinking the water, went for a fanta instead. There’s a safety pro tip for you. And now it’s 3.50am and I think it’s time to sleep and see what tomorrow has in store.

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