See life at the Sea Life Park

Seeing life

Nothing beats seeing life at Sea Life Park (OK, I’m done using that phrase).

Today Kathryn and I decided to head to Sea Life Park to see the world’s only Wholphin. I thought that would be a cross between a whale and a dolphin. Turns out not only is that incorrect, that’s not even feasible.

It’s actually a cross between a false killer whale (which is a type of a dolphin) and a bottlenose dolphin (which is a type of a dolphin).

Anyways, first thing’s first, and that’s getting to Sea Life Park. From Waikiki, the easiest way to get there is either The Bus route 22 or 23.One goes via Diamond Head (23) and the other (22) goes via Hanauma Bay. It’s $2.50 for a ticket, and that includes a 1 two hour transfer to another bus. It’s a pretty sweet deal. I still enjoy the fact that it’s a flat fee no matter how far you go.


On the bus they really crammed in the people. Put in this way, OSH would have had a nightmare if they had seen how many people were on this bus. You know when you have to stand in the center, well imagine two lines standing in the center of the bus. That’s what this was like. Ended up standing next to these two people who were heading up to Diamond Head, started talking to them, and I asked them if they were Australians. Turns out they were New Zealanders. Awkward.


About an hour later we made it to Sea Life Park. If you brought in a wrapper of any item made by Love’s Bakery then you get half price general admission, bringing it down from $30 per person to $15 per person. That’s a great deal considering a Love’s Chocolate Pie costs $2 from Walmart.

Once inside we saw some awesome massive Sea Turtles. They looked so big that you could ride one. But you can’t because of various state and federal laws. One thing I noticed about the USA, so many laws covering so many things. You spit on the bus? Well that’s a Class C felony punishable by a $500 fine and/or no more than six months imprisonment. Sell your bus transfer ticket to someone else? $ay aloha to an up to $2000 fine and no more than one year imprisonment.

But I digress. The next thing we saw after the turtles was the wholphin, and it was awesome. They’re so large, like twice the size of a normal dolphin. But then again, hybrids do look twice the size of their parent animals, check out Ligers. Well, maybe not mules. But they’re the exception to the rule. Anyways, enough biology.

We then stayed for the Dolphin show which was good fun. Dolphin shows all look the same, show a couple of flips, play with a basketball, push the trainer around. I did see the trainer use a dolphin as a surfboard. That was pretty cool.

We then checked out the stingrays, taking note of some Americans mentioned how Steve Irwin died. Turns out he acted like a shark, and the stingrays took offence to that.

After that it was the bus ride back to Waikiki which was fairly uneventful. So much so I fell asleep a couple of times. Travel’s always tiring, and time seems to move so quickly when travelling. Unlike working, where time moves at a more slower pace.

One final thing that was cool was we paid $10 more to get an upgraded room. We were staying on the fifth floor with a room with a view of the building next door. Kinda creepy that I could see into other people’s hotel rooms. For that $10 more a night we’re now on the fifteenth floor with an awesome view of the sea (past some other hotels closer to the beach of course). Best upgrade ever!

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