RTW Day 55 – RTW Season Finale in Vancouver at the aquarium and Christmas Market

In our season finale of Two Minute Travel Round The World edition, we spent our last full day in Vancouver, as well as Christmas Eve, at the Vancouver Aquarium, and the Vancouver Christmas Market.

10479910_544453865125_7070970952708660711_oChristmas Eve Vancouver time is Christmas Day New Zealand time, so we spent our morning in bed, calling our parents, and just relaxing generally. After 50-odd days of travel, you tend to start taking it easy towards the end. Since it was such a sunny and gorgeous day, we decided to walk along the waterfront from the Pan Pacific Hotel to the aquarium, which is located in Stanley Park. In years gone past, the weather in Vancouver has been super cold around Christmas, including lots of snow, but this year we were blessed with no snow, just clear skies.

Kathryn and I have done a lot of taking about what our favourite cities have been on the trip, and for me, Vancouver really was very nice. I think of it as a nicer Auckland. There’s the harbour just there, all the people are terribly polite and friendly, the price of stuff is about the same as New Zealand, and you’re close to cities such as Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Kathryn’s favourite city has been Portland in America, I really think she enjoyed the vibe of the place.

Walking along the waterfront to the aquarium in the sun was delightful. The aquarium itself was also pretty nice, though packed with Jellyfish. Jellyfish are the filler of aquariums. Got some empty space to fill in your aquarium? Can’t put in a toilet or coin locker since you’ve already got one? Jellyfish.

One attraction that was nice was the Beluga Whales. There are two at the aquarium, and were the highlights of the show. They actually do a show, that was all about their behaviours and good animal husbandry, rather than just make them jump into the air, like I’m guessing Seaworld does.

We then walked to the Vancouver Christmas Markets on their final night open. They’re like a mini version of the Berlin Christmas Markets, though they charge $4 CAD to enter, and were about an eighth of the size. THis means there were massive lines to all food stalls. Of course, being Canadian people, everyone was quite friendly and patient in the line, but still, no one likes waiting in line for 20 minutes for a potato-on-a-stick. I did get some Maple Taffy on a stick which was delicious! There was quite a lot of maple-infused items, it’s was like being in one of those New Zealand tourist stores that are full of Manuka Honey products.

Kathryn paid to get a gingerbread decorated, which turned out to be an event designed for little kids. That cracked me up to see her next to a six year old, both decorating their gingerbread men, though only one of them had to put down their beer first.

And that was it for Vancouver, we retreated back to our hotel to relax, and wake up on Christmas day.

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