RTW Day 47 – The 13 hour drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco

Today, we were bound for San Francisco from Los Angeles. There’s a few different routes to get there, a quick road, a medium road, and a slow road. Since we were in no hurry, we took the medium road, or the US Highway 101, north. Getting out of Los Angeles is slow at the best of times, and since we were on the road around 6.30am, we were stuck in rush hour traffic, but that soon dissipated.

IMG_3544We then moved onto the most scenic route, California Highway 1. As we kept driving the road got less and less busy. Turns out, the road was closed because of the once in a 100 year rain storms that have been affecting California. So we turned and went over a tiny canyon road back inland.

From here, we took the medium road to a place called San Luis Obispo, and then went back onto California Highway 1. While this road is soo much slower than the freeway, the advantage of this road is the views along the coast. Randomly, we saw an Elephant Seal colony that was amazing. They stink so bad, I had to switch to mouth breathing.

Onward bound, we then entered the Big Sur region. The views along the coast are simply breathtaking. As we climbed up the coast on a winding road clinging to the side of cliffs, this was the reason for renting a car and driving across California.

IMG_3550From Big Sur, we headed through forests towards San Francisco. It was around here that the weather turned, and our sunny day turned into rain. And the further we drove towards San Francisco, the harder the rain got.

And then it got dark. And foggy. And stormy. It was literally the worst driving conditions I’ve seen. Add a random destination, fog, rain, darkness, and I could have been driving towards nothing. It was awful.

As we got closer to San Francisco, the roads slowed down to a crawl. And then we were stuck in rush hour traffic.

A drive that the GPS said was an one hour and forty minutes turned into about a four hour drive. Suffice to say, we were not happy towards the end, after a 13 hour drive in total.

And then our original motor inn was flooded, and we had to go to a sister property, which was average. It was in a nice location, and that was about it. I think we’d had enough of that day, and we went to bed.

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