RTW Day 45 – Driving to Los Angeles, The Grove, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame

We got up early and started our California road trip, bound for Los Angeles. Los Angeles is 180km from San Diego, about 40km further than Wellington to Palmerston North.

IMG_3467We stocked up on supplies at the nearest Target, Kathryn grabbed some Starbucks (her secret shame), and then we set off for San Diego.

Relying on a GPS is fantastic, but I do think without some planning, you’ll miss out on some of the sights on your journey. Our GPS was obsessed with the quickest route, not the most scenic, and therefore unless you really love the views of a freeway, there isn’t too much to see. For our drive to San Francisco, I’ll definitely plan a more scenic route.

Anyways, to deviate from the freeway, I took a random off ramp and ended up in San Clemente. San Clemente’s slogan is Spanish Village by the Sea, and we found it to be a charming village. On a Sunday morning an organic Farmer’s Market was open, selling 6 limes for a dollar, and organic smoothies. We had a light lunch in a small restaurant on the main street, getting waffles and a Lavender Caramel Latte. It was about the size of two normal coffees, and I only drank half. Making sure I don’t gain 10 pounds is one of my goals while in America. It’s harder than it looks, with massive meals available for only $4 or so.

IMG_3482On we continued, until we made it to Los Angeles, the city of angels. Since we arrived a bit before check in, we then headed to the shopping mall that Kathryn had idolised in America, The Grove. The Grove is a fancy fashion shopping mall in Los Angeles, that lots of YouTube vloggers frequent. And apparently, they are the only location that stocks a particular makeup brand, Charlotte Tilbury. Next to The Grove was The Original Farmers Market, which stocked massive sandwiches, meats, and other delicatessen. They even make their own ice cream, which looked delicious, but was probably 800 cals.

We then checked in at our accommodation, halfway between East Hollywood and West Hollywood. It surprises me how close poor neighbourhoods and rich neighbourhoods are. People sleeping on the street, massive barbed wire fences around preschools, and the mega mansions next door. Bizzare.

A bit of walk from our accommodation was the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I’m guessing the less famous people are at the start, because we didn’t recognise any names for a bit. That part of the walk was filled with people down on their luck, and somehow, I was nervous and on edge the whole time. Kathryn was super relaxed, which was a change from the normal state. Kathryn’s goal was to see Peter Jackson’s star, and that we did.

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