RTW Day 42 – Our longest day ever

Well, today was our longest day ever, both literally, and figuratively. Let’s recall what happened.

IMG_3392Our flight from Oslo to Copenhagen was scheduled for 6.20am. This means getting up at 3am, catching the shuttle bus at 4.15am, and being all prepared.

And then, our flight was delayed, until 11am. This was frustrating. But worse, was the experience we got through Lufthansa and SAS. There were no announcements, just the sign at the gate said the flight was delayed. And then the gate changed to the next flight. Lost and without direction, we headed to the SAS Ticket Counter. They not so usefully said, just wait and see what happens. We did get a $30 NZD meal voucher, which buys a salad in Oslo. The person at the counter said we should contact who we booked the ticket from, STA Travel. That wasn’t that useful, so we called Lufthansa. They rebooked us onto a different flight. After waiting an hour in the line to the SAS Ticket Counter, they told us we would miss that flight, and were rescheduled onto a different flight, to Copenhagen, and then San Francisco, via SAS.

I didn’t know anything about SAS, though reviews online said they were a low cost carrier. They’re a member of Star Alliance, as is Lufthansa and Air New Zealand, so I expected a similar quality.

IMG_3389Do you remember Air New Zealand’s quality back in the late 90s? That was SAS. It was old. Old planes. The screen was the width of my hand, about six inches. It looked like I was watching a VHS tape. And there was three meals, a meat patty that was OK, a Cheese Flatbread which was OK, and Pizza Bread which was appalling. Want a drink? That’s $2. Want a beer? That’s like $8. Want a snack? Pay another $5. That bit was like Jetstar.

But the worst was the service. Air New Zealand does low cost travel with their Seat + Bag fares, which charge you for food, but at least the service is polite. SAS service was like dealing with East Germany. They were so rude. They wouldn’t offer us water. They were upset we had rubbish. Seriously, just appalling. One of the staff members even pushed Kathryn out of the way, instead of asking her to move.

Anyways, we were stressing to make our next flight, from San Francisco to San Diego. We made it in the nick of time. Then that flight was delayed because of a bit of rain. So instead of arriving in San Diego at 6pm, we ended up arriving at midnight.

While that doesn’t sound like a long day, that was actually a 30 hour day. So we were exhausted, and fell asleep immediately in San Diego.

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