RTW Day 13 – Getting flirted with and a Ferris Wheel of doom at Kansai Airport

Today we made our way from Naha Airport in Okinawa back to Kansai International Airport, the main airport of Osaka Japan.

IMG_2411On reflection, I really enjoyed our time in Okinawa. Turns out it’s a super popular tourist destination with Chinese tourists, they were everywhere. You can typically tell the Chinese from the Japanese because the Chinese are loud, crowding, and opposite in behaviour to the polite quiet Japanese. If China is the loud big brother, then Japan is the shy quiet little brother.

At Naha Airport, there’s a Low Cost Carrier terminal, where Peach and Vanilla Air, two cheap airlines depart from. Terminal is a bit of a hyperbole, it’s actually a shed in the cargo part of the airport, around the corner from the normal part of the airport. Oh but Waylon you might say, you tell such exaggerated tales, well, put it this way, the seats at the terminal were plastic picnic seats. This was not a fancy terminal.

We then made it to Kansai International Airport. The hotel we’re staying at, is the only hotel on the island, and is $135NZD a night, which is nearly the price of a hotel in New Zealand! Probably just goes to show that hotel prices in New Zealand are actually ridiculous, considering on a hotel on a man made airport island is still cheaper than a night at the Novotel in Hamilton.

IMG_2417Anyways, we then caught our last two trains with the Japan Rail Pass, a local train to Rinku Town, a town just across the bridge from the airport. While on the train, a small Asian woman wearing a crop top and showing heaps of midriff, asked me directions to Nagaihigashi. I had no idea where that was, but I told her about the main stations in Osaka, and where she should transfer from. Kathryn and I then talked to her the whole way until our station. She was from Taiwan, and was in Osaka for the first time for a one week holiday. Afterwards, Kathryn said did I notice her flirting with me. I said I had no idea, but she was running her fingers through her hair, talking to me all cute, doing the damsel in distress routine. I was actually more concerned with trying to figure out what station she should get to. I guess it takes a woman to notice if another woman is making the move.

At Rinku Town I decided and forced Kathryn into catching a massive 85m tall Ferris Wheel. I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with Ferris Wheels, I think it’s because they don’t exist in New Zealand. Well this Ferris Wheel was at night, in the carpark overlooking Kansai Airport. Since it’s by the sea, there was a strong wind on the ground that I thought little of. Turns out, 85m in the air, the strong wind was now more of a gust. Obviously, this Ferris Wheel is designed for this, and the wind would not be a bother, but because there were holes in the compartment, all you could hear the whole time was a roaring sound of wind passing through, and the slight shudder and groaning of metal as we continued on the 13 minute hell ride.

Interesting, on the way down I felt a lot calmer, even though technically if I fell even from 20m, then you’re going to have a bad time. I think it was the wind.

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  1. This was my favourite video thus far. For two reasons – first, the terror in Waylon’s eyes. Second, the fact that the horrible catchphrase was cut off slightly – “Let’s check it ou…”

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