NYC Day 4 – Central Park + Zoo, and the NHL at Madison Square Gardens

Today was a day of exploring the area north of Times Square including Central Park. First off was the walk east towards East River along 40th Street. The walk was fairly uneventful, but nice just to get out of the hotel and enjoy some sun and fresh(ish) air.

United Nations and Grand Central Station

The United Nations building is on 1st Avenue, and is right next to a fenced off empty lot full of rubbish. It’s just weird that there’s this dump right by the river, oh, and right next door, here’s the UN. They could have turned it into a temporary park. Or a car park. Or just put up hoardings with paintings on it. But no, just rubbish.

We then walked up 42nd Street and checked out Grand Central Station, one of two Apple Stores we saw today. There’s military guards stationed at the entrances fully armed. I guess it makes sense, always a bit weird to see though. The station itself is well, grand, and central, so meets the promise of the name. There’s also a neat little bar tucked around the side called Campbell’s Apartment that was recommended to us by a friend, however, we arrived too early, and it was closed.

So we moved on up 42nd Street past the Chrysler Building, or Kathryn’s obsession. It really is a classic art deco building, and both the top and the entrance look grand. I wonder why modern buildings don’t have more style. Most of them are just big boxes. It’s boring. The Empire State Building isn’t famous because its just a big box.

Central Park and Philly Cheese Steaks

Anyways, we then had some street food, where Kathryn bought a Philly Cheese Steak, and I went for a Hot Dog. Really, street food is quite delicious, and reasonably priced. I doubt it’s particularly good for you, and in fact, it’s quite hard to find healthy food, but maybe people prefer delicious cheesy salty food, rather than say fresh juices.

We checked out the Sony Wonder Experience Lab, or as I like to think of it, the Sony Propaganda Center. Sony make lots of fancy technology, oh, and a Playstation 4. That’s about the gist of the place.

Kathryn enjoying the Central Park skyline
Kathryn enjoying the Central Park skyline

Finally, we made it to Central Park. It’s a nice park, both trying to appear full of nature, yet, quite fenced off so you can’t actually touch that nature. Central Park is like a zoo, where the exhibits are soil, trees, and plants. I did enjoy it though, it was interesting to see the ice on the lakes, the squirrels running around, and the street food vendors selling various crappy food. I bought a cheese pretzel, it was disgusting. Also at Central Park is a zoo, which is relatively expensive for its size ($18 USD per person), but has two start attractions, three Snow Leopards, and two Grizzly Bears. They were awesome as you can imagine!

Watching NHL live at Madison Square Gardens

We then headed back to the hotel for a pit stop, and then it was time to walk down the road to Madison Square Gardens to watch the ice hockey. Tonight’s NHL game was the New York Rangers vs. the Los Angeles Kings. The tickets were $200 NZD each, and we were just about in the last row. However, the atmosphere was good in the cheap seats, and Kathryn made two friends. First was a woman who sounded straight out of Jersey Shore. Someone called her sweetie, and she was pissed about it. The second was a guy who taunted the New York Rangers as they slowly lost the game 4-2. Even though the local team lost, it was still fun to experience once in life.

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