High Line Park – NYC Day 2

Today was a massive exhausting day featuring the High Line Park. I got up at 8am and was full of energy, however, Sleeping Beauty, was still, well, sleeping, so I decided to check out the hotel’s gym. An hour and 280 cals later, I reminded myself that I’m probably not as fit as I used to be.

The hotel we’re staying at does a breakfast included in the price, and it was like watching piranha feed. A new batch of omelettes or McMuffins would be put out, and about say, 2 seconds later, gone. I enjoyed some people grabbing five or six, heck, not all of us have shame I suppose.

High Line Park – a floating park in the sky

We then walked towards High Line Park. Manhattan’s streets are on a grid system, which makes it pretty easy to work out where you are, and where you’re going. We’re on West 39th and 8th Ave, and we wanted to go to 23rd and 10th Ave. So basically, walk 16 blocks one way, and 2 blocks across. Sorted.

We're both happy at the High Line Park
We’re both happy at the High Line Park

High Line Park was an old elevated railway, that people called an eyesore, and wanted to be demolished. Instead, a group of people turned it into a park floating above the roads of New York. It really is amazing. And on a beautiful sunny chilly Spring day like today, it was fantastic. There was still a little bit of snow in the grass, and a slight chill in the air, but other than that, going for a stroll high above the city was delightful.

Eating Lobster at the Chelsea Food Market

At the end of the High Line Park we headed to the Chelsea Food Market. This was a nice packed food market full of really quality food. I thought about getting a full Lobster, but at $30 USD each, that’s a lot to spend on a lunch! Kathryn and I decided to go to an Italian place, she enjoying Bruschetta and Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, and I going for the Truffle Pasta and a Cannoli. They were delicious!

We then walked the whole length of the High Line again back towards the hotel. Along the way we saw the Empire State Building in the distance, and decided to walk towards it. And well, when you’re in the neighborhood, it makes sense to go up it! $32 USD each later, we caught a lift up 80 floors, and then took the stairs for the last 6 floors to check out the view. The inside of the Empire State Building is grand, in that 1930’s Art Deco style, opulent with clean lines. The view from the top was just as good as the interior, with great views of the Statute of Liberty, the new One World Trade Center, and seeing how the Hudson River and the East River turn Manhattan into an island.

Buffalo wings at an Irish Pub

From here, we had a wee pit stop at the hotel, and then headed back out to Times Square. We swung by an Irish Pub, and a few beers and Buffalo Wings later, we then headed into the M&M store. About $50 later, I realised I spent $50 too much at the M&M store. And with that, it was bed time, so we retreated back to the hotel.

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  1. Watching your 2 minute travel is almost as good as me being there with you!!!
    Love you – keep having the best times ever xxx

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