Make your own Business Class on Hawaiian Airlines

Business Class SnacksSpent a pretty uneventful night at the Novotel. They may be expensive but they do provide an awesome experience. They gave us a complimentary late check out from 11am to 12pm, they held our bags from 12pm through to 9pm when we’re going to check in, and they printed our boarding pass for us as well. Nice one!

So we’ve got about 12 hours to kill from lunch time until midnight tonight. Thankfully Kathryn’s mum came up from Hamilton to visit us and take us to Mission Bay.

On the way back we stopped at Japan Mart in Newmarket. I read a post saying that the Hawaiian Airlines Business Class experience isn’t all that great, and it seems easier to make your own business class. Steps involved are:

  • Stay up until 24 hours before your flight and be the first to use the online check in. Book the bulkhead or exit row seats where available. Ours cost $100 per seat per flight, so $200 for Kathryn and I one way from Auckland to Honolulu.
  • Buy a pass to the Emperor Lounge at Auckland Airport. It’s $50 for 3 hours and lets you do all that good stuff that a lounge does like shower, eat some food, relax on nice seats etc. Closes at 11pm BTW. Though I did just found out that Auckland Airport has a free shower right by the arrivals area.
  • Buy your own awesome food. While it seems kinda weird to have to bring your own food onto the plane at least you know you’ll like the food, there will be enough snacks for you, and you get to choose what you like. I thought about bring a Gu Banofee Pie onto the plane, but Kathryn kindly reminded me that milk products should be refrigerated. Whatever I say. Don’t really recommend taking drinks with you with that whole liquid security restriction stuff happening at the airport.

So after all of that you’ve basically got a poor man’s business class for around $175 per person each way. I did get an upgrade once on Air New Zealand from Auckland to Hong Kong from Economy to Premium Economy for $225 Airpoints Dollars and for that you get the lounge, a slightly larger seat, and a nicer place to check in.

So now there’s only 3 more hours to go before being able to check in and enjoy the lounge and prepare for our flight. It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment going from 10 degrees outside to about 30 degrees outside. Hawaiian shorts, here I come!

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