Sofitel Macau Review – Spoiler, the best hotel in Macau!

We landed at Hong Kong International Airport at about 3.30pm local time. At HKIA a neat thing is that if you’re catching the high speed ferry to Macau, they depart from the airport, without needing to go through immigration, it’s basically an international transfer on our way to the Sofitel Macau.

Transferring through Hong Kong International Airport

So that’s what we did. We walked on down to the E2 Transfer Point, and bought a couple of tickets, $254 HKD each. For people in NZ, that works out to be about $50 NZD per person. We had about half an hour before boarding, but there’s not too much to do in the airport except look at the same old duty free shops we’ve all seen before – does anyone want to buy a Toblerone?

Kathryn and I on the Macau FerryThe Turbojet ride itself is about an hour long, and pretty uneventful. We did see a bridge being built from Hong Kong to Macau, 50km long. Thankfully Kathryn took her Sea Legs pill before the boat ride, so no complaints there.

Catching the Ferry to Macau

At the Macau Ferry terminal, immigration was painless. We waited all of a minute, a guy looked at us, didn’t say anything, and that was that. All the shuttles to the various casinos depart from the ferry terminal. On the right hand side are all the flash casinos, like the Venetian. On the left hand side past some scaffolding are the slightly smaller shuttles. We caught the one to the Sofitel Macau at 16 Ponte.

After about a 10 minute shuttle ride, we arrived at the hotel. We walked to the check-in counter where we were informed that we were to be checked in at the executive lounge on the 17th floor. Turns out we’d be upgraded to the Luxury room on the 17th floor next to the roof, with views of China just across the river, located in the old part of town. The check in experience was beautiful, with a person doing the paperwork, while we sat down, and had canapes, and drank cocktails. We were so confused – why were they treating us so nicely? But seriously, we felt a bit out of place, we’d just come off the plane, tired, sweaty, and the hotel staff were amazing. Well done Sofitel Macau!

Experiencing the Sofitel Macau

Sofitel Macau FerryThen, we went to the room, and it was the Luxury Room Club Sofitel. Basically, the room was massive – 37m2, or twice the size of our hotel room in Hong Kong! A massive bath with a spa pillow, Hermes amenities, a TV in the bathroom, super high ceilings, beautiful views over the Pearl River towards China, amazing. Th massive king bed with soft soft pillows, Bose sound system, and automated curtains were all delightful.

It’s been an amazing trip so far, and we’re so thankful to the Sofitel Macau. Thank you, I will literally recommend the Sofitel Macau to everyone I met.

Cost wise – we paid $160 NZD for the hotel room, and the Luxury Room costs around $320 NZD a night.

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