Hello Hawaii + I’m engaged!

Hello Hawaii! Here I am sitting on the 16th floor of the Ohana Waikiki West, having been automatically been upgraded to a Standard-Kitchenette room. He must have seen the ring on Kathryn’s finger.

Speaking of ring, so Kathryn and I are now engaged. Beat that. A few months of my life saving later, she has a wonderful Sapphire and Diamond ring. You’ll have to talk to her more about it.

The flight was fairly uneventful. Stayed the night in Auckland at the Ventura Hotel out at the Airport. Thank you to our sponsors, the Doo-Watt family for driving us up and supporting us on our trip to Hawaii.

For dinner, we went to the Cup of Gravy Inn. It’s got another name, some tacky generic English sounding name. A bit like the Londoner in Hamilton. It’s like this weird English pub in the middle of the industrial area around Auckland airport. Full of old white people, and yet they decided to have a band playing really loud reggae/techno music. I don’t think the people heading Norfolk Island weren’t impressed.

Why do all people want to go to Norfolk Island? In fact, why does anyone want to go to Norfolk Island? It’s like Australia for people who just don’t want to go all the way. Like a little Australia.

Anyways, we got to Auckland Airport with plenty of time to spare. Made it through immigration without any hassles, and then went to pick up the ring. Once I had the ring, I walked over to a seat, got down on one knee, fired up the video camera, and proposed to Kathryn. It was awkward. If only I had a dove to release or something. At least you’ll get to see the video.

From there, we went through security. No problems. Because the flight was to America, we had to go through extra security. Turns out that the extra security is the same as the first set of security. Exactly. Don’t really see what the extra value was, except for the fact I had to throw away my open Orange Juice from Burger King. I ordered a croissant there. It was awful. Thankfully, I did get in before the little old lady who ordered 12 Whopper Juniors and 10 BK Chicken Meals. Who does that? She was only 5 foot tall. Surely she’d be full after one or two burgers.

Anyways, the flight to Honolulu was uneventful. Unfortunately, we must have been the last flight through Honolulu Airport because they only had three people to check through the whole flight. Kathryn’s sassy-ness increased to 10 out of 10, due to the 1.5 hour wait. Finally made it through, and then we got lei’d. That’s right, lei’d. Kathryn gave me her lei. That means I got lei’d twice in a night. Beat that. Overheard a girl ask a woman if she was staying in Honolulu, and she said no, she’s staying in Hawaii. I don’t think she knew that she was in Honolulu.

The Ohana Waikiki West is a nice place. A bit like the Quality Hotel in Thorndon Wellington. Pretty much any hotel with the word quality in the title, isn’t quality. However, the Ohana is nice and cheap. On the ground floor is the Nashville Pub. Great place to break a pool cue over someone’s head. I’ll probably leave that ’til tomorrow. Went across the road to the ABC Store, which is like 4 Square, except everywhere. Turns out it’s a Friday night, and people are in town. I saw a girl who was just wearing underwear as a skirt. Seriously, this place makes Hamilton on a Friday night look like a Mormon convention. Kathryn saw a girl wear a see through white dress, sans underwear. No need for porno tonight then.

Anyways, off to bed. Peace out players!

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