Going surfing and an excursion to Chinatown Honolulu

As you know, I’m a bit wary now of scams in America, and a lot of things are scammy. One thing that has actually been awesome has been Groupon, to date (fingers crossed), I’ve never had trouble with a Groupon yet! One Groupon I saw was for a day’s surfboard rental for $15 USD. It seems rude to come to the home of surfing and then not do any, so even though I’ve only technically surfed once (and I didn’t know which way to put on the wetsuit), I decided to give it a go:


I got the beginner’s board which was massive, especially if you’re just carrying it by yourself. Thanks Kathryn for the support.

It took me a few minutes to get out to where the waves were. I’ve been hitting the beach a bit, and been a bit casual with sunscreen, so after a while I started to notice a burning sensation… I’d had it before, I had sunburnt nipples. Surely not a problem that affects women (I didn’t see any topless bathing here), but clearly a problem that was affecting me, as I felt two stinging nipples fighting against my surfing progress.

In the end I didn’t so much catch a wave as the board caught a wave, and I was on the board, so ‘technically’ I caught a wave, through no skill of my own. Still, it was awesome fun!


We then decided to head out to Chinatown, which is a downtown suburb of Honolulu. We caught the number 2 bus to School Street:


However, I needed to take a pit stop along the way. When you need need a restroom, the first thing I look for is a McDonald’s. Of course, it’s a little rude just going to McDonald’s without buying anything, so decided to buy a dipped ice cream, a bit like the ones you find at Mr. Whippy’s. Well it turns out that this McDonald’s didn’t have a public restroom which threw me, since, I’ve never seen a McDonald’s without a restroom. And to add to my tale, when you purchase an ice cream in 30 degree weather, it turns out it melts immediately. Which it did with much haste.


I think this guy can explain it better than me:


Then we decided to return back to our hotel room in time for a sunset:


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