RTW Day 54 – Seattle to Vancouver

We got up pretty early, and caught the Amtrak Cascades train from Seattle’s King Street Station to Vancouver. I suggested to Kathryn that it might be more fun catching trains between distant cities and then driving around, since the views from the train really were awesome. You certainly don’t see much of a country when you’re driving in the rain, in fact, most of my views were towards the brake lights of the car ahead.

Anyways, we eventually made it to Canada. Getting through customs was a breeze, though the Customs Officer did wonder why we came all the way to Canada just to hang out for 3 days, so we had to explain that we were at the end of our Round The World journey. Turns out the Customs Officer was born in Hamilton New Zealand, so small world.

From the train station, it’s a brief walk to the Skytrain, which is the Metro in Vancouver. A few stops later, and we were at the Pac Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, which we purchased with Airpoints. It’s a five star hotel on the waterfront of Vancouver. It’s really nice. We paid $30 CAD more a night to upgrade to a waterfront room, and it was totally worth it. We have this massive view of the Vancouver waterfront, watching the seaplanes take off and land, and great views of North Vancouver.

From the hotel we checked out some of the downtown Vancouver area, like the main shopping street, Granville Street. Unfortunately, I had a little accident, and ripped a hole in my pants right around where my bum was, so we were in urgent need of replacement pants. I wouldn’t suggest this is because of my tough bum, but when you wear the same pair of pants day in and day out for 50-odd days, then it’s no surprise they started giving up the ghost.

We went for a walk further down Granville Street, as it transitioned from high end department stores more towards bars and cheaper hotels. We saw more and more homeless people on the street, though there were still lots of families out and about with their kids, which helped me to feel safe in the area.

Then I saw one homeless looking guy who was looking for change in a parking meter, and was carrying around a hammer. That freaked out Kathryn, though the next time we saw him he was carrying an ice cream, so who knows. It was like 9pm at night, so a weird time for a hammer.

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