A pre-holiday for the holiday


In what appears to be the only reason for updating my blog, Kathryn and I are on a holiday. Once again we’re heading to Hawaii, but we’re also going to have a taster of Las Vegas.

We’re flying with Hawaiian Airlines who don’t really do flights from Wellington, nor do they have any connecting services. Instead we decided to leave a day before our flight to Hawaii, and caught a flight up with Air New Zealand from Wellington to Auckland.

One cool thing at Wellington Airport is the Flybuys Gumball machine. Basically scan your Flybuys card or your Airports card and you’ll receive a free gumball!

OK, so that might not be exciting to you (especially if you don’t enjoy lockjaw), but you can keep scanning them again and again and again. INFINITE GUMBALLS!

Now we’re relaxing at the Novotel Auckland Airport. The first room we had smelt a bit like standing water (you know, that smell if you leave the shower water around a bit too long), and when I closed the door to the toilet the handle came off in my hand. Now I’m not a particularly powerful guy (strong enough to crush a lesser man), but still, for the handle to come off, that’s no good…

Thankfully, Novotel were awesome and provided us with another room on the same floor that didn’t have a funky smell, and had handles that were Waylon-proof.

Our flight leaves at around 11.55pm tomorrow night, so not sure what we’re going to do for all of tomorrow, but one thing I am keen to do is do the Online Check In with Hawaiian Airlines. Seat Guru state that the best seats are in Row 11, and those seats can be selected and paid for (Hawaiian Airlines charge you for bulkhead seats) if you get in quick.

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