Why no one likes your web application…

The usability sucks. I hate to say it, but it’s true, and it’s causing your site to lose money. As designers/programmers/business analysts, we often focus on features rather than the end user like Apple’s iPhone.

What made consumers drool over the iPhone? It wasn’t features, like the Nokia N95. The iPhone can’t even do Picture Messaging. It was of course, the User Interface. People camped outside waiting in line to order an iPhone because of how the application interacted with the user. Do they do this with your web application?

Probably not. Web 2.0 is making many nice looking websites, but so what? Popular websites are generally:

  1. Free. It’s the future of business.
  2. Simple. Twitter is txt-messaging for the web.
  3. Focused on the user. Why else is Basecamp so successful?

So here’s my call to action: I’m going to work on making Sovietbadges.co.nz easier to use. It should be like using Dell.com. What are you going to do?