Victoria Peak, and the Ngong Ping Ropeway

I’m so tired. It’s 9.52pm and there’s no one else in this 12 bed dorm. It doesn’t help that I keep getting up at 6am. Travel takes it out of you always. You wouldn’t think it would but you cram so much new information into your brain in such a small amount of time I think it gets tired.

Anyways, headed to Victoria Peak today with some of my travel buddies. So far I’ve met a Canadian Teacher, a Canadian Animator, a Canadian Student, a Finnish Paper making Scientist, an American Structural Engineer, and a Russian Waitress. It’s going to be a good New Years with a wide variety of people.

First we headed to the mid level escalators. These go from around Central station 800m up a hill and are considered to be one of the longest escalators you can catch. These were interesting, but no one said that every third one would be out of service, forcing you to climb a pretty steep hill. At the end they just finish at a road, which I guess is a little anti climatic.

From here you can walk about 20 minutes towards the lower peak tram station. This tram and the view from Victoria Peak are considered a must do when in Hong Kong. Clearly every tourist had gotten the message as the line for the tram was one hour long. I like trams as much as the next guy, but an hour is a long time to wait in line. Like most things in Hong Kong, you could pay more and skip the line.

In the end we made it to the tram which appears to be a 10 minute trip. If you’ve every caught the Wellington Cable Car then this is a similar experience. I was a little underwhelmed to be honest.

The view from Victoria Peak however was amazing. With a 360 degree view of the city, being able to see the contrast between the super developed side of Hong Kong island with it’s skyscrapers upon skyscrapers, compared to the green bush of the peak of the mountain and the relative quiet of Stanley and Repulse Bay was interesting. Of corset you can also see across to Kowloon, and some of the outlying islands.

From here we decided to catch the number 15 bus to the Central pier. Great bus ride, and a good price at about 10 or 20 HKD.

From here we caught the high speed ferry to Lantau Island again. Today I would be playing the tour guide, and showing Oxana the big budda and taking the Ngong Ping ropeway, something I didn’t get a chance to do last time.

The ropeway also had a one hour line, which of course you could skip if you paid more money. Finally in the cabin, the views over Lantau I think have been the highlight of the trip. With the sunset in the background it was very scenic and I wished my wife could have been there to see it with me. Sure she would have hated the one hour line, but the views more than made up for it.

Once at the peak we the descended towards the airport crossing a huge channel of water perhaps 50 or a 100m in the air. Privately I thought to myself bad time for a earthquake.

Finally we were back to the Citygate outlet mall and the MTR station, where it was time for a teppenyaki dinner for 89 HKD, and then back to Causeway Bay and the hostel.

I fell asleep straight away. Until 3am when a bunch of drunk douches came in being loud and waking everyone up.