Free Sun Access Manager training

If you’re deploying the Sun Identity Management suite in a complex deployment, then check out Sun’s Free OpenSSO training. This training gives you a workbook and a virtual machine, and walks you through the process of:

  1. Setting up Apache Tomcat 6
  2. Enabling HTTPS support on Tomcat
  3. Setting up Sun Java Web Server 7 as a load balancer
  4. Deploying OpenSSO to Tomcat
  5. Setting up Session failover
  6. Setting up Sun Java Web Server 7 and Glassfish
  7. Installing Sun Access Manager Policy Agents to protect the above web servers

It’s a complex workbook (and there are a few issues, both with the workbook and the technology), but it’s free training, and gives you a glance of what to expect from Sun Access Manager 8.0.