How to create Technology Roadmaps

I’ve spent the last few months of my time creating technology roadmaps for my employer. These are quite simple roadmaps, and the process I followed to create them was:

  1. Create or select a reference architecture – this will define the categories used in your roadmap, for instance, we should have an application server category, and of that, we should break that down into Java application servers, and .NET application servers;
  2. Identify technologies for each category – research and discover what technologies are in use;
  3. Define the lifecycle stage for each technology – determine which stage of the lifecycle the technology is in, a proposed technology, a budgeted and agreed technology, an approved technology, an end of life technology, or an out of support technology;

That’s it. Review every three or six months, and make sure the roadmaps are internally consistent. For example, since IIS 7.5 is only available for Windows Server 2008 R2, if you’re saying you’re replacing Windows Server 2003 with Windows Server 2008 R2, then by defacto you’ll be replacing IIS 6 with IIS 7.5.