My theory about becoming rich

I’ve been thinking about what money is, and have come to this conclusion…

There is no link between working hard and being rich.

This sounds like a crazy statement to say, but bear with me. I’ve known people that have worked hard all their life, and yet, still aren’t rich. So how do people get rich?

Well you need to look at what money represents. Money represents desire of the community. So if you have something that is highly desired by the community you’re in, then you’ll have a lot of money.

So let’s explore this. If you work for a fast food store hard, you’ll never be rich. Why? Because it doesn’t pay a lot. But why doesn’t it pay a lot? Because the work you’re doing isn’t unique, and doesn’t require highly innovative skills. And because anyone can do it, then you’re easily replaceable, and hence the community’s desire for you isn’t very high, and neither are your wages.

Now look at say an Internet Celebrity that is rich. Often they get rich because they featured in a meme, which is like something of interest in the internet, such as the Star Wars Kid. Memes reflect the desire of the community, which is people on the internet, who watch the video, and click on ads, and hence pay the people in the meme (sometimes). The people in the meme didn’t have to work hard all their life, they just had to have something highly desired to the community, which is their video for instance.

So if we take a peice of land and a house that’s worth $2 million dollars, then that’s something that has obvious value because it’s desired. People want land to live from, and a house to live in. And you can see the work (or effort) that went into that house.

But if the person who earned $2 million from a meme bought that house, you would have to ask, how is that fair? How does a person who made a video of themselves twirling around a stick equal all the hard work and effort that went into building a house, and purchasing the land?

Desire of the community.

So what does this all mean? If you want to be rich, you need to be dealing in things that are highly desired by the community you’re in. Diamonds are highly desired to wealthy people, and so if you have them you’re rich. Memes are highly desired in the Internet, so if you have them you’re rich. Food’s highly desired to people if they don’t have any, so if you have them you’re rich.

And so I’m focusing on creating software that’s highly desired to large enterprises. Software that will save them millions of dollars and man-hours. By focusing on this, I can sell that software for a large amount of money, regardless of the amount of hard work that went into the software.

The software is of course, Resourcer.