Worst NZDating profile ever…

My best suit!G’Day, the name’s Norman, but my friends call me Stormin’ Norman, on account of the two words rhyming somewhat.

I work in the power business, preparing and changing lightbulbs for a living. Not the ones in your house mind you, the ones on the street. We call them fingers, because they stick up through the air giving it a tickle. This time of the year is my business season, it’s the Christmas bulbs that always take up most of my time. Most people tend to think that those coloured bulbs around Christmas must maintain themselves, but it’s actually old Norman and the rest of the Lighting Maintanance team. The coloured bulbs are the worst, because they only get about 2 weeks worth of use throughout Christmas, and then they’re switched off. It means we only have 2 weeks to replace all the faulty ones which is always a pain in the neck. We’ve just done Victoria Street, but I see a few have gone already.

I never really studied, I figure there can’t be that much involved in changing light bulbs, but boy was I wrong. Once I found out about the different types of electricity, and especially things like wattage and ampage, I knew I was in trouble, so I did one of those night courses at the Polytech. It was damn good fun though, made a few good mates within the industry, and I tell ya what, I know my way around some of the more complex lighting transformers these days, such as Dry Type Transfomers, and Oil Cooled Transformers. They’re the ones you have to watch out for, they’re dangerous I tell ya, and old Norm nearly lost a finger or two servicing those puppies.

I’ve been a big Incubis fan since 2000, I was a big fan of them before they became famous, and I’m probably still their biggest fan in New Zealand. I mean everybody these days is all on the Kings of Leon bandwagon, but Incubis could play them into a corner anyday. They really haven’t been big in the last six years or so, but I’m predicting a comeback sooner or later.

For hobbies, I’m a big fan of Asian Geography. Man, what a far out place that is, with plaes like Bhutan, and Tibet, it’s just a world away from Anglesea Street! I once caught the express train from Beijing to Lhasa, in Tibet Autonomous Region of China. The train’s amazing, it’s built on a bed of permafrost, so they need to heat and cool parts of the track to make sure that it’s not affected by the constant thawing of refreezing of those bits of the track. You’ll need a permit to get in though, and if you’re my lucky lady, then I’ll be able to help out.