NYC Day 7 – A Circle Island Boat Cruise and reflections on a week in New York

Well, it had to happen sometime, but our stay in New York is coming to an end.

But first, we had a bit more shopping to do. I must admit, after going on a Round-The-World trip late last year, the novelty of the stores has been greatly reduced for me. Last time I brought back about 20 kg of novelty food and snacks interesting to me. This time a bunch of chewing gum, and that’s it. Kathryn’s been the same, pretty much no makeup purchases. I think with the internet, it’s not so much of a hassle ordering stuff over the internet, and there’s nearly nothing that can’t be ordered off the internet these days. Except makeup so it seems.

I ended up going to the Uniqlo 34st Street Flagship building, and was served by perhaps the worst service I’ve seen in America. With service that poor I figured I could have been in Oslo. Seriously, I’ve never seen a guy less interested in serving a customer. It was truly a chore to him that I was there. He tossed down the receipt on the table, didn’t say anything, and flicked it at me with his finger. Truly amazing.

We then went to 42nd Street and 12th Avenue and caught the Circle Island Ferry Tour. This was $35 USD per person, and lasted about a couple of hours. Manhattan is truly an island, and we proved it by catching a ferry all the way around it. Kathryn has a fairly sceptical view towards tours like this – they’re both long, boring, and you’re stuck in not the most comfortable seat ever. It was cool to see the parts of Manhattan that we hadn’t ventured towards, like the Bronx. There’s a lot more to Manhattan than Midtown, and I’m happy we got to explore Downtown, but next time I think we should spend a bit less time on Manhattan, and more time exploring Brooklyn, and heck, even New Jersey.

Overall, New York has been amazing to us. The weather when we arrived was beautiful and sunny, and though it rained torrentially last night, because it had been sunnier earlier in the stay, we knew what New York was like on a sunny day, and a clear night. We spent enough time in New York to not feel rushed – a feeling we didn’t have anywhere on our round the world trip, except for maybe Tokyo. When you’re in one place for a week, you start to get a feel for the directions of the place, where the coffee place is, the bus station, where to avoid (White Castle). And since it’s all in English, we could understand helpful directions like, only the first five cars of this Subway train stop at the South Ferry station. That was something that caught us out in Osaka.