Macau streets made for wandering

Sunrise from the Novotel Macau
Sunrise from the Novotel Macau

We woke up and had breakfast in the Club Sofitel lounge. Really what a beautiful sight. Sitting on the 17th floor of the Sofitel Macau, we had breakfast just as the sun was rising. With it so low in the sky, the sun was a brilliant shade of red, peaking through the haze.

But enough of waxing lyrically, it was time for eating. The breakfast was beautiful, really delicious. Kathryn said that the croissant she had with jam was the best croissant of her life.

My reflection was, this should have been the hotel we went to for our honeymoon. It really was a very romantic breakfast. Anyways, we didn’t just eat all day, we then started our walk around Macau.

Walking around the old part of Macau

Around the Sofitel is the old part of Macau. We wandered following the signposts towards the Ruins of St. Paul. Unfortunately, we missed the last signpost, and then started wandering through a gritty sales area. Thankfully, there are these massive hordes of Chinese tour grounds wandering around, and by following them, we stumbled upon the Ruins of St. Paul.

A cute shopping street in Macau
A cute shopping street in Macau

These ruins are the front of a church that used to be here. They’re pretty impressive. Though I do wonder if they’d be as popular if they weren’t a ruin. I’m just saying there were a lot of impressive buildings in Macau that don’t have a million tourists standing outside, but because they’re not ruins, there’s no one there!

We wandered back down the hill, and then decided to walk towards the Port. Turns out, looks close on the map, but ended up being about an hour and a half walk through the searing heat. Our feet were killing us.

Using the free casino shuttles

Once back at the port, we caught the free shuttle towards the Venetian. It was kind of funny seeing the boring dusty hot streets we walked through, as we zoomed by in minutes in an air conditioned bus. I guess that’s why no one was walking around right?

The Venetian is a massive thing. A massive mall. A massive casino. Really just everything massive. We didn’t even go to the casino! We did wander the mall, which is about the size of four massive malls glued together by a gondola ride. Kathryn ended up going clothes shopping at Marks & Spencer, while I bought some Scottish sparkling water. However, not everything we did was imported culture – I did try a Macanese Pork Bun. This is literally just a pork chop in bread. $7 later, it was very nice. The spices on the pork chop made it taste nearly like KFC which was quite nice.

Heading to Hong Kong

Afterwards we got our bags, and thanks to Kathryn’s careful eye, we got out of the line for the bus to the Chinese border, and instead took the bus back to the port, for a hydrofoil bound for Hong Kong. We got off at the Kowloon Ferry Terminal, and then started the long 45 minute trek towards our hotel, the Dorsett Mong Kok. My feet were dying. I could feel them dying. More poor feet. After quite a wander, we made it, made a drink, and went to bed.