My Hawaii Shopping Haul for $205!

Today we got up pretty early, and then mucked around, and then decided to head to the Waikele Premium Outlets. Imagine if you will that you live in Tokoroa, or Te Awamutu, and you thought it’d be a great idea to get the kids, catch a bus, and have a day trip to Dressmart @ The Base. Well that’s pretty much what we did, except in Hawaii.

If you’re thinking about going, catch the City Express E from outside Food Pantry on Kuhio Ave, and head towards Ewa Beach until just off the freeway, and you’ll be at the bus stop. 0.7 miles later, you’ll be at the shops.

There are some crazy deals here in America. They really want to get rid of stock, and they just don’t care about margins at all. Take a nice shirt, say, $200. Then discount it down to $120. Then take 50% off the lowest marked price, so now we’re at $60. And then, give a guy a voucher that takes another 25% off that. So that makes it $45. That’s 25% (roughly) of the original price.

So we headed to Levi’s outlet store, where you can get two pairs of Levi jeans without flaws, for $60USD. At the current exchange rate, that’s only $500K NZD. But seriously, two jeans for $60! The sales person was super nice. I think he was on commission because he kept mentioning his name to me. He asked me if the jeans fit, and I put my hands down my pants and made a fist. I could do this, and so I said yeah, they fit well. Kathryn said to stop putting my hand down my pants, to which I replied that it’s OK, and people in New Zealand do it all the time. The sales person said that’s OK, people in America do it all the time as well. Creepy.

Then we headed into Starbucks. Great times. The people there couldn’t understand my accent. I asked for a Tea/Lemonade thing, small size, and she said I wanted it sweet. I didn’t. She said are you sure, and I said, OK, just a little. Not super big on confrontation. Then she asked me for my name. After telling her my actual name, and her not understanding it, I said it was Tom. Then I waited. And waited. She didn’t even ask me to pay. I politely had to ask to pay. Man, they do things differently over here in America.

Kathryn thought it’d be a swell idea to check out Nordstrom Rack. That’s the outlet version of Nordstrom, which is the American version of Farmers. OK, not Farmers, but Kirks. Anyways, turns out that instead of being one at the outlet mall, it was instead 13 miles away at the Ward Centre, which is a block away from Ala Moana Centre. Neat.

So 1 hour bus ride later, we were at the Ward Centre. We headed to Nordstrom Rack, and it was full of actual Hawaiian people shopping for clothes. I think the real Nordstrom is just for Japanese Tourists. Anyways, I bought myself three business shirts @ $40USD each down from $220USD each. That’s a saving right there of $540USD. Beat that. I even bought myself a pair of awful (according to Kathryn) looking Calvin Klein glasses for $25USD. Actual original glasses. In America they just discount to get rid of stock ASAP. In New Zealand, those glasses would still be priced at $600NZD for the next 10 years. Kathryn just mumbled about how ugly they are, read her blog for more details.

So all up, that’s three pairs of business shirts, two jeans (one smart looking picked by Kathryn, one comfy fit picked by Waylon), and some awful glasses, for $205USD + Tax!

We then walked a block to the Ala Moana Centre to relive my own personal hell. Kathryn bought another $400USD dollars worth of face paint and sunglasses. I think they’re secretly for me, but she denies it. I’ll know when my CK ones get crushed. Accidentally. It’s just such a massive mall that we walked around for literally hours, and we still haven’t seen about 3/4 of the shops.

One grape flavoured shaved ice later, and a slice of pizza bigger than a Big Ben’s Family-sized pie, we then headed back to Waikiki. McDonalds are selling 20 chicken nuggets for $6. I asked her if I could combo that, and she said no. I asked her for fries and a drink instead. That’s forward thinking. New Zealand Education System in action right there. We went for a swim at the beach, it was as always amazing. Now that I have my sunglasses, I can perve at girls without them noticing. Yes I know I’m engaged, but it’s the covered meat theory. No, that’s not right. I’m just saying that there are a lot of pretty people around. Kathryn and I have started to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. I’m thinking about doing a travel video a bit like New Zealand’s next top model, but without telling people and just filming and rating them. Without being creepy. Or getting arrested.

My favourite food of the moment – Glacaeu’s Vitamin Water Formula 50 Grape flavoured water. Beat that. It’s just delicious and makes me feel like 50 Cent.