Lantau Ngong Ping 360 fail – Hong Kong

Today was our explorer day, where we started the day heading from our local MTR stop of Olympic towards Central on Hong Kong Island. From there we walked towards Pier 6, which is where the fast ferry to Mui Wo on Lantau Island departs.

Lantau Silvermine Bay BeachLantau Island is where Hong Kong airport is based, but it’s also a super scenic island that’s relatively under-developed. You can catch a high speed ferry there for $30 HKD, which is around $6 NZD. 30 minutes later, you’re there.

There’s a really quiet white sand beach called Silvermine Bay Beach there. It’s Winter in Hong Kong, so no one was around, but it was 25 degrees. I’d swim there if I could be bothered walking around in wet board shorts!

Instead we walked back to Mui Wo. As we were walking I saw a guy reading a magazine, and another secret magazine on top. His hand was rubbing his crotch through the outside of his pants. He was having a cheeky wank in public! He should have went to the local McDonald’s toilets instead.

We instead visited the McDonald’s, and I went to the toilet. Now I could see why the guy was wanking in public. They were the most disgusting toilets I’d ever seen. I’d describe them in more detail, but just imagine the worst thing in your mind. Pretty similar.

We then caught the number 2 bus towards Ngong Ping. Catching the bus in Hong Kong is super simple, just have an Octopus card, which is the same card as the subway. Then you don’t have to worry about fare amounts and exact change. I think the cost was around $17 HKD, or $3.40 NZD. It took about an hour, and went deep inside of Lantau Island, past old villages and water reservoirs.

Lantau Po Lin MonasteryAt the top is Ngong Ping village, a tourist village linked to Tung Chung MTR via a beautiful rope gondola. Sadly for me, and happily for Kathryn, this was closed from January until June 2017. What a fail! I was sad. Kathryn was glad. Instead we ate some overpriced food.

We then walked around the Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha statue. While there was quite a few tourists, it’s really a very scenic stop. My favourite was viewing the trees surrounding the monastery, you don’t really see a lot of trees on Hong Kong island.

From here, we caught the 23 bus back to Tung Chung, which is an MTR stop, connected directly with our MTR stop of Olympic. We then had dinner in a mall restaurant that was serving Pizza and Pasta. Kathryn had the Ham and Cheese Margherita pizza, while I went for a Cabonara pasta. Add a couple of mocktails, and that was $50. Pretty expensive for mall food!