Ocean Park, the original Hong Kong theme park

I visited Ocean Park, the original Hong Kong theme park. This was on the recommendation of my Hong Kong colleagues who recommended that I don’t visit Hong Kong Disneyland because it’s small. They’re right though, the one in Shanghai is four times bigger. Though I’m not sure why a bigger Disneyland is better, just means more people, and further to walk.

Before going in I saw a 7-11 selling boxes of water for $9 HKD. I thought, maybe, maybe not, I was so excited, I couldn’t wait, so I just went in. Turns out, buy the water before entering, or else pay three times the price in the park.

Getting around Ocean Park

But anyways, for $488 HKD or $88NZD-ish, you too could be there. The bottom park of the park consists of the aquarium, old Hong Kong, and all the boring exhibits. I mean let’s be real, those places only exist to soak up time. All the fun rides were up the top.

Having fun on the water rides at Ocean Park!
Having fun on the water rides at Ocean Park!

Ocean Park is split into two areas, the bottom area, and a top area. The bottom area is like Kelly Tarltons. The top area is like Rainbow’s End. They’re separated by a very big hill that has a gondola ride between the two. I waited in a long snaking line for the gondola. This was at 10.15am, the park had only opened 15 minutes earlier. When I arrived at the line it was a 30 minute wait. About 20 minutes later, it was a 45 minute wait. I can’t imagine what it would be like when the park was full.

Vlogging in Asia

While in line I did a little vlogging. This caused great amusement for the kids in front of me who were trying to subtly take a picture of me using their iPhone. I saw, and pulled the obvious peace sign pose. We all had a laugh. They were tall asians. I thought they were from Hong Kong. Since I was in the same gondola as them, we got to talking, and turns out they were from the Philippines and loved vlogging. I didn’t realise that the Philippines had tall people! I’m just saying, I’m 5 ft 4, and I tower over my mum.

Anyways, it was a nice open gondola ride, with open windows, which made it nice to smell the ocean, and feel the breeze. And I didn’t lose my camera out the window which was good. Since it’s not my camera. Thanks Kelvin for lending me your camera 😉

Rides at Ocean Park

Next, onto the top section of Ocean Park. It had a few rides, including the boring ones for little kids, and the hardcore ones for people who like to be held by their shoulders and swung upside down three times. Rather than the inverted superman-style rollercoaster, I went for the water-based rides. First, there was a rapids style ride that promised you will get wet, and you may get soaked. I was like whatever, I’m not paying $8NZD for a raincoat. Turns out you really needed them!. But it was cheating, they have little pipes of water squirting at you! The rapids didn’t soak me, all the water pipes did! Thankfully, I was wearing all my gym gear, short shorts, and jandals, so they all dried immediately.

All those rides take photos of you looking weird, and sell them for $20 NZD. I normally buy one, really as a reminder of being overseas, not as a reminder of me being on a wonky rapid ride. When I saw the log plume ride, I decided to give it a go, which was pretty similar, pretty fun. I did a few tower rides, and then it was time for lunch.

Best value eating in Ocean Park

Food prices in these parks are eye watering. Oh, want a Turkey drumstick? That’s $12. Or a six inch sub? $12. $12 seemed to be the default food charge for anything. Ice cream? $8. Soft drink? $6.

Thankfully, there was a McDonald’s in the park selling more normally priced food. They sell spicy wings here called McWings, four for $4.50 NZD, which I think was pretty reasonable. After a good meal, I realised I’d reached my maximum enjoyment from the themepark. It was 2pm, I’d be there four hours. That’s enough, it was time to escape. Turns out they’re so fancy, they’ve got a train going back down the hill, so you don’t have to wait for the gondola. You fancy Ocean Park.

All done, I headed back to the MTR station. Do I recommend Ocean Park? Yes. So 8 out of 10, minus one for the food prices, so 7 out of 10. Well done.