The final full day in Waikiki on the Screamer!

Today was the final full day we’ve had in Waikiki. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve been here since last Friday night, but I think that time plays tricks on you when you’re on holiday. On the one hand time moves quickly because you’re not really keeping a track of what day it is, it’s just another day of holiday, and eventually they all run out. On the other hand, time moves slowly because you cram in so much different sights and experiences each day, as compared to a normal working week back home. Literally a month can go by and I’m not even aware of it, because nothing different or exciting happens, really just another day at work…

Anyways, today was the final day of shopping and activities. For shopping, we decided we needed another suitcase so we headed to Walmart, home of low low prices. We ended up buying a pack of three suitcases for $29 because it was cheaper than buying one duffel bag for $39. I don’t understand how prices work here. All I wanted was one suitcase. for $49 I could have bought five. Anyways, we also decided to buy a few ticky-tacky gifts for people. Keyrings and Macadamia Nuts for everybody! You’re all lucky. Turns out you can get six boxes of Hawaiian Host Caramel Chocolate Macadamia Nuts for $12USD. That’s damn good value considering one box in New Zealand is worth $10. I also tried to purchase things that looked interesting like Pringles Pizza, Cheese, and Baked Potato flavours, Twinkies, and Kathryn bought some Poptarts.

Next, it was a quick dash home, and then I caught the bus to do the Screamer. The Screamer is like the Shotover Jet, but for Waikiki. It does the same sort of thing, goes fast, spins, gets you wet, for an hour for $30USD. It was really good fun, but I do wish that I had done para-sailing instead. There’s always a regret when travelling. When I was in Tokyo I should have done this faux Japanese news and weather show, where you’re greenscreened into the show. Here, I regret not para-sailing. Or shark-diving.

Anyways, the Screamer provides you with a great view of Waikiki and the weather was simply amazing. It probably wasn’t the best trip to take the digital camera on, considering you get saturated with sea water, and the camera did get wet, but I did managed to get some pretty sweet video.


After that it was dinner at IHOP. I bought ‘Big’ Country Fried Steak. Turns out that means Schnitzel coated in a KFC-like material, and then covered in a white sauce. It was super average. Sure the ‘Steak’ may be larger than my hand span, but it just wasn’t very tasty. IHOP, awful.