About your unique killer business idea

It’s not unique. Sorry. Odds are there’s already companies out there right now looking at that idea, and actively working on it. They probably have more resources than you, groups of people focusing on it, and looking to monitise that idea.

But that’s OK. Because good ideas aren’t rare. They happen all the time. Everyone wishes they could become rich, millionaires, and are just waiting for the opportunity. Well that opportunity is now, it’s happening all the time. Everyone has good ideas, and these good ideas are how people become wealthy, by building a business around this idea, and providing value to others in exchange for money.

The crux however is that it’s not the idea that makes people rich. Because lots of people have great ideas, but not all of those people are rich. It’s those people who have an idea that’s better than now, and capitalises on that idea into a business that makes a profit – they are the people who become rich.

So don’t stress that your idea doesn’t seem to be killer amazing, nor stress about trying to keep it top secret, because odds are there are already people working on that idea. Your job is to execute that idea into a business better than the other people.

Dell sells computers. It’s hardly a novel or unique idea, it’s just that they did it so much better than the competition. Google does search. Remember Alta Vista, or Hotbot, or Lycos, or Northern Lights? Same idea, better execution.