Applying Web 2.0 thought to bricks and mortar businesses

There are so many business opportunities out there in the brick and mortar world that are crying out for someone to apply some technology to them.

A fantastic example of this – Better Place. Imagine taking the business concept of cell phones (subsidised handsets, and making money on the minutes), and applying it to electric cars (subsidised cars, and making money on the electricity).

So what are some examples I’m working on right now?

  • Creating a website that allows stores to create their own vinyl lettering online. They create the design online, they order and pay online, and within two days receive their order. Easy, and mass-customisable, thanks to the power of the Internet.
  • Creating software for Liquor Stores/Petrol Stations and other high risk stores that allows them to serve customers effectively and efficiently using technology, while seperating the risk of potentially agressive customers.

So my call to action is to continue to think about how to apply technology to all these common problems, and in return create a life worth living. What are you going to do?