I killed Osama Bin Laden with a 9mm Glock!

Today we got up a little later than normal – travelling really takes it out of you. You’d be surprised, you’d  think it’d be quite relaxing, but considering the amount of sights you’re trying to see and cram into the few days you have, and you get sore feet, you get a film of sweat all over you, and you just want to relax…

So we decided to walk a mile or two in the middle of the day to the Waikiki Aquarium. But first, we went to the other end of Waikiki to find a wallet for Kathryn. We headed to the DFS Galleria and checked out Chloe. DFS Galleria is set up to look a bit like a cruise ship, and is full of fancy shops for rich Japanese tourists. Kathryn did find a wallet she liked, but there was no shop attendants. At all. None. Seriously, just grab a bag, walk the 10 meters outside, and you’re away laughing. I told the security guard. I mean seriously, if you’re not gonna be in your shop, just close the doors. That’s OK. It’s better than not being there at all…

So we headed out and went to Tiffanys to see if there was anything there. Kathryn saw a 4ct diamond ring. Turns out they don’t put prices on things like that. If you have to ask for the price, you probably can’t afford it.

So we decided to walk back to the Waikiki Aquarium, about 2 miles over. On the way we past the Waikiki Gun Club. I couldn’t resist going in there and shooting some handguns. The lady asked me if I wanted to upgrade to something more serious, like an AK-47 or an M16 Assault Rifle. I said no. She said that little kids pick the guns I use. I said we don’t have handguns in New Zealand, so this was as bad-ass as I was willing to go. Once you pay for your shooting, you have to pick a target. Kathryn suggested Osama Bin Laden. I said she shouldn’t joke about that sort of stuff here. Turns out there actually is an Osama Bin Laden target. I bought that one. Then it was through to the gun range. There were three guns, a Rutger pistol, a Rutger handgun, and some sort of revolver. Shooting a hand gun doesn’t have a lot of recoil, and correspondingly, they’re not super accurate. Then again, if you’re shooting someone 3m away, you don’t need super accuracy. I was quite shaky. I felt like someone had caught me with my hands down my pants. Shooting handguns is a naughty thing to do, but I’m glad I did it. I don’t like guns, and I still don’t like guns, but life is made of experiences and stories. Oh, I aimed for the head and crotch of Mr. Bin Laden and got them both. He’s dead.

Moving on, we then walked through the hot sun past the homeless people to the Waikiki Aquarium. IT was $7.50 each and I didn’t rate it. It took about 10 minutes to go through. There was one seal. Not good value.

We then retreated tired and blistered back to the Ohana Waikiki West. It has a pool and I always wondered why people would hang out at the hotel’s pool when the sea is a block away. It’s because the sea is a block away and sometimes you just can’t make it. Today was one of those times. So instead we went to the hotel pool and just dived in and relaxed. It was amazing. Sunbathing, relaxing, I nearly fell asleep in the sun. This time around I made sure I put sunscreen on, especially on my nipples. Trust me, sunburnt nipples are no laughing matter. It happened to me once, and then when I wore a shirt a special part of hell was reserved for me to experience.

We then decided to do a bit of shopping, this time for me. Back to Ala Moana and then a quick walk to Ward Center to hit up Nordstrom Rack. This was the place where I got the $25USD Calvin Klein glasses. Now it was time to get t-shirts, shirts, and shorts. Shorts here weren’t the greatest looking, but you could find some OK ones for $30 down from $50. Shirts were OK, and were around $25. T-shirts weren’t the best and were around $20. $20 is about the going price for a new good t-shirt, so instead we walked the half mile back to Ala Moana and went to Maceys. Found some sweet Rip Curl shorts, were $50, down to $35. Beat that Nordstrom Rack. After a bit of a wander around Maceys, it was 8.50pm and time to head back to Waikiki. The pink trolley bus back to Waikiki is free with an Ohana hotel room key, and so 100 million Japanese people were waiting for the same trolley. Not to worry, we waited in line 10 minutes and caught one of the last ones back to our hotel room.