TechCrunch Elevator Pitch review:

Today we’re reviewing the Elevator Pitch review for The pitch is as below:


From what I’ve understood, allows you to create forms easily online. These forms are then submitted to either yourself, or Google Checkout or Paypal. The forms have a bit of logic within them to display different fields, or send to different people based on rules created.

Personally – I’m not wowed to be honest. I mean forms have been around the Internet for quite some time, and I haven’t really seen demand for a form builder online yet, so I doubt there’s an untapped demand for this application. I’m not saying that I think the site will not be successful, but the idea didn’t ‘pop’ to me.

The pitch video felt a little unprofessional via the use of 1px line drawings. Using a pencil-type brush would have looked a lot better and given a hand-made, yet professional appeal.

I give the idea a four out of ten. Some potential, but needs to be refined.