European flight compensation

If you’re delayed at your final destination by more than three hours, you’re entitled to some form of compensation. The amount depends. How long your original flight was. Whether it was an inter-European flight, or a flight to a destination outside of Europe. There’s also some reasons airlines don’t need to provide compensation. Generally these are due to delays beyond their control such as weather. This compensation can be up to 600 Euros per person. See the European Air passenger rights at

Canadian flight compensation

The gist of Canadian compensation is similar. Though the reasons to decline compensation are more in Canada. Weather still counts, but so does mechanical delays, which is disappointing to see. Delays due to flight crew shortages is still valid for compensation. The amount of compensation also varies. The size of the airline, and the amount of delay at your final destination are factors. This compensation can be up to 1,000 Canadian dollars per person. See the Canadian Air passenger protection at

Third party compensation brokers

There are third party compensation brokers who can file claims on your behalf. The most well known being Airhelp at

While these guys will do the leg work for you, their payment comes from your compensation. Airhelp’s fees at state a 35% fee. If they need to involve a lawyer, that’s another 15% fee, for a total of 50%, or half of your compensation payout.

You can do these compensation claims yourself without going through a broker. For example, I submitted a claim with Air Canada and it took about five minutes through their online form. Being proactive with airline delay costs and compensation

While airlines have obligations to get you somewhere, don’t sit back. Be proactive, be aware of your rights, and when that delay happens, you can relax knowing you have a plan.