Share your mobile phone’s internet connection over wifi

I have a Nokia N95, and have recently purchased a Dell Latitude D420. While I could get a Dell 5520 Wireless Card to surf the net, I had a bit of a thought:

  1. The Nokia N95 is an HSDPA device;
  2. The Nokia N95 also has wireless.

Voila! Download JoikuSpot Light, and you’re sorted! There are some limitations to the free version:

  • Internet protocols are limited to HTTP/HTTPS;
  • No encryption.

The paid for version is on special for 15 Euros at the moment, which is about $32NZD.

Don’t forget about the data charges which is sure to hurt, though Vodafone’s 10MB for $1 seems quite reasonable (well compared to the $11.25 a MB it used to be).

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