Resourcer updates

So it’s been a while, an election has come and gone, and I’ve continued working on a human resourcing application.

I work in a fairly large organisation. One of the problems I commonly see is poor communication over large organisations, and the ramifications of this on productivity.

One example – decision making. The project I work on must be agreed to at a board level. But the work I’m doing was actually agreed to at a manager level. However, this meeting was never minuted, and the action to go ahead with the work isn’t formally recorded, and yet it is going ahead. Where’s the documentation? Where’s the communication across the business that this work was signed off by an authority that had the ability to sign it off?

No where to be seen. Of course, there is decision making software out there and available, but most enterprise level software has the same flaw – complexity. Complexity is the enemy of an enjoyable peice of software.

So I’m taking Resourcer, and I’m adding on a decision recording module which should help things along.

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