Great ideas are obviously great, to more than just you.

I’m working on a great idea to turn into a website. I created some mock screens to explain the concept to some of the others working with me to see what they thought. Apart from some questions regarding honesty (not of myself, but of the end users), the potential of the idea to turn into a great service for businesses is:

  1. Obvious. This idea can be explained to anyone from CEO to Janitor in about 5 minutes. No PhD necessary. Once pointed out the idea makes sense, and like Velcro, is something you wondered why no one else has thought of before (though actually someone has).
  2. Fiscally evident. This service clearly improves the bottom line. No extraordinary thinking or suspension of common Laws of Business are required. How does your great idea improve the bottom line for business? If it’s too abstract, that may not fly well (see the realm of intangible).
  3. Simple. Some ideas are abstract, complex, and like the Large Hadron Collider, aren’t exactly easy to communicate and point out to managers. And while some things are justifiably complex (like CRM software), others are in the realm of intangible.

Good luck for your idea, but remember, a great product is 10% idea, 90% execution.

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