Great idea: touchscreen kiosks in liquor stores giving wine tips

Here’s an idea, have touchscreen kiosks in wine stores that give information about particular wines, including what wines suit what meals. Make sure that people could say “I’m buying this wine, what meal should I have?” as well as “I’m having this meal, what wines do you recommend?”. Combine with a loyalty card system to get a greater profile of the customer, and better tailor deals to that person.

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  1. There are several of us out there doing just that, providing wine information and pairing recommendations, via in-store kiosks. Our primary customer is the supermarket. The wine selection at supermarkets is growing, but so is the lack of information because supermarkets cannot typically staff the wine departments to answer customer questions about which wine to buy. However, if there is a wine kiosk, like the Virtual Wine Selector, a customer can either use the touch screen to get a wine suggestion, ie which varietals pair well with the food you selected, or scan a bottle of wine from the shelf and get information on that bottle, such as flavor description, food and cheese pairing suggestions. This info is available to customers, in-store, online and through mobile applications, so picking the right wine for you is getting easier all the time!

  2. That’s great! Have you considered linking that up to a loyalty card solution so you remember previous purchases by that customer in order to give them a more personalised experience?

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