Good morning Resourcer

And on a fine day in Silicon Welly, I’ve taken the first steps towards a new service for large enterprises to manage their human resources. This is of course, Resourcer. And while the link could be interperated as Gore-Sourcer, or the source of all Al Gore related things, the link is actually Go-Resourcer, as in, go you good thing go.

While I’m being a little light weight on the details, they’ll all come out in the wash soon enough.

Action points from here:

  1. The Resourcer homepage is built around Seagull PHP Framework. Should I develop the entire solution on the framework, meaning a longer learning time initially but a more robust solution in the future or;
  2. Continue to knock up functional prototypes using just basic PHP and MySQL, which would respond better to continually changing requirements.

I think trying to nail down requirements at the same time as learning a new framework is a tall order, and something is bound to slip through the cracks. The decision I’ve made is to continue developing functional prototypes with basic PHP and MySQL (ignoring things like logins), and once the prototype has been created, replicate that functionality on the Seagull Framework.

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