Free Sun Access Manager training

If you’re deploying the Sun Identity Management suite in a complex deployment, then check out Sun’s Free OpenSSO training. This training gives you a workbook and a virtual machine, and walks you through the process of:

  1. Setting up Apache Tomcat 6
  2. Enabling HTTPS support on Tomcat
  3. Setting up Sun Java Web Server 7 as a load balancer
  4. Deploying OpenSSO to Tomcat
  5. Setting up Session failover
  6. Setting up Sun Java Web Server 7 and Glassfish
  7. Installing Sun Access Manager Policy Agents to protect the above web servers

It’s a complex workbook (and there are a few issues, both with the workbook and the technology), but it’s free training, and gives you a glance of what to expect from Sun Access Manager 8.0.

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  1. Hey, Waylon, very cool of you to post the screencasts on YouTube! Nice to see the VM out in public.

    What issues did you find in the workbook? Let me know and I’ll fix them. (I assume you have the latest and greatest…)


    David Goldsmith

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