Fake Cellphones – Good products, disgusting ethics.

A while back I considered starting a website for selling cell phones. While the idea hasn’t gone away, my priorities have adjusted since then, so here’s my experience.

Then problem when dealing with the magnitude of wholesalers in China is, most of them have appalling ethics (like my spelling, thanks Erin). In New Zealand we respect things like:

  • Our relationship with the customer
  • Out relationship with suppliers

And hence why I have a fake iPhone on my desk, as well as a Nokla N76. You’ll note the L in Nokla, instead of the regular I.

Another example, check out the real Samsung Armani phone:

And now for the fake version:

What’s the main differences:

  1. One has crappy crappy fake branding that is a rough approximation of the truth.
  2. One has a slightly poorer GUI.

That’s it. That fake phone could well compete with the real phone if it would get rid of this silly idea to be something it’s not, and instead invested a little money into having a decent brand that people respect, and a decent product that people enjoy using, then this phone would be a delight.

And to show that not all imitation phones are behind the curve, does your phone change songs when you shake it, or have TV built in:

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