Facebook is blocking bugmenot.com, OMG, WTF!

It’s a slow day in the capital city, so I was browsing Slashdot. Low and behold, someone tries to send a message on facebook about the website bugmenot.com, and it appears to be blocked.

Someone call the Mayor! I fireup the Facebook machine, change my status to talk about bugmenot.com, and it works. It just appears. There’s not trickery, there’s no elaborate warnings or opressive dismissals, it just appears and makes for a pretty uninteresting status update.

So the lesson learned? Either Facebook are blocking a website because of some background politics, and just happen to be really crap about it – or there is no big deal, and this is just Slashdot fanboys getting upset at things in the same way as the Foxconn Linux BIOS scandle of ’08.

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