Air New Zealand’s Flight Booking API

So today I was using grabaseat and clicked on a destination and noticed that the URL returned was:[0].originPoint=AKL&destination=Osaka&searchLegs[0].destinationPoint=KIX&searchLegs[0].tripStartDate=1&searchLegs[0].tripStartMonth=APR&searchLegs[1].tripStartDate=1&searchLegs[1].tripStartMonth=MAY&searchType=fixed&adults=1&children=0&infants=0&bookingClass=economy&promoCode=&rememberFare=&locale=en_NZ&region=nz&utm_source=Air%2520NZ%2520Fare%2520Finder&utm_medium=Fare%2520Finder&

Instead of the usual

And then realised that Air New Zealand accepts both GET and POST variables in their page. Until this I never really thought about the data you pass on to the Air New Zealand search engine.

I fired up Tamper Data, which is a Firefox plugin, and lets you view information submitted via GETs and POSTs, and to the right is a screenshot of the POST variables. Fairly straight forward. Do note that if you try and access this page randomly you’ll probably get a CAPTCHA page you’ll have to solve. But anyways, a cool method to bookmark a search to a particular destination.

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