The Air New Zealand Business Class Experience

I recently purchased a return flight from Auckland to Osaka on Grabaseat for $999 return. That in itself is a pretty good price, considering that a Jetstar return flight is around $1200. However, because this was a Grabaseat flight, it happened to be Business Class.


Overall, a lot of people have said the Air New Zealand Business Class longue isn’t that great – I disagree. I think it’s awesome, and a great way to relax. My tip of the day – go early. You can check in before it says check in on the departures board, but heading to the exclusive check-in lounge, skipping where all the economy people check in. This longue is also for Pacific Premium Economy, if you’re wondering. After checking in, take the exclusive elevator through to Airport Security. Did I mention an exclusive officer just for Business Class? That’s right, skip the line for the masses, and head straight through. From here you return and go through Customs the same as everyone else. Then make a right for the Air New Zealand longue…

So here I am in the Air New Zealand Business Class / Koru lounge enjoying the services. As soon as you walk through the door and flash your credentials, you’ll see what’s pretty reminisent of a hotel lobby. Wide open pastel spaces that are very much the beige and greys of the Air New Zealand uniform are everywhere. There is a food and drinks bar pretty similar to that at Valentines. Sure, the Ham was only shaved ham instead of Champange Ham, but there was Method Traditionalle in the fridge, as well as Steinlagers, Macs Golds, and a bucket of ice with Smirnoff, Sambuca, and some pretty fine Whisky.

Free Wifi (well hardly free, but ya’know), free computers, free meeting rooms, photocopiers, big screen TV longues with lazyboy recliners, and lots of books and magazines to read.

Closed for Christmas and New Years, there’s also a massage lounge and relaxation room which looked pretty sweet. I’d like to do that again sometime.

All in all, an awesome experience, and I’m not even on the plane yet. With all the free orange juice, light meals, relaxing TV, and reclining seats, I’m already relaxed and ready for travel, and not sweaty, smelly, or stuck with no where to sit because the Samoan Rugby Team has been delayed five hours and is sleeping on all the lounges outside Burger King.

Just bliss. I wonder what the plane’s like?