Food review: Korean Smoky Bacon Chips

In a new segment, I will be reviewing Asian foods that are for sale in New Zealand. First up: Smoky Bacon Chips.

Smoky Bacon Chips have that meaty smell as soon as you open the pack. I coughed as the savoury flavour went into my lungs. It’s not a powerful smell, nor is it an overbearing meat smell. I am certain it is not the smell of bacon, but it is the smell of meat none the less.

The label says chips, but not potato, they are wheat. Small uniform chips about an inch or so long and curled. They have banded colouring made out to look like bacon meat and bacon rind.

Unlike New Zealand flavoured chips, the taste of these is not overpowering. The flavour is quite restrained.

Smoky Bacon Chips aren’t offensive, and I could get acquainted with them. I give these are 7 out of 10, higher than five for not being bad, lower than 10 for not standing out.