Vancouver – Day 55 Round The World

Checking out the Jellyfish at Vancouver Aquarium
Checking out the Jellyfish at Vancouver Aquarium

All good things must come to an end, and this post is the final in our Two Minute Travel Round The World updates. And we’ll end up with a whole day spent in Vancouver at the Aquarium and Christmas Markets.

We’re a day behind here, we called up our respective parents in New Zealand and wished them a Merry Christmas. We stayed in bed until about 11 am, which was a treat when you’ve been getting up at 6 or 7 am for the past eight weeks. Sometimes it feels like wasted time when you’re sitting around in a different city and you only have a day there. But it was amazing to have a McGriddle overlooking the Vancouver waterfront.

We then walked along the waterfront to Stanley Park. This is where the Vancouver Aquarium is. Like all aquariums, it is full to the brim with jellyfish.

Vancouver highlights

Vancouver was one of my highlights going around the world, and not just because the hotel we stayed in was the nicest one of the whole trip. But it really was, I totally recommend the Pan Pacific Vancouver. We had booked it using our Airpoints, which was a great way of spending them.

We didn’t see too much grim stuff, which was a bit of a change from Los Angeles. I’m not suggesting that there’s not unsafe things in Vancouver – while there we did see a pretty dodgy guy walking around with a hammer looking for change inside parking machines. But we also saw that same guy eating an ice cream five minutes later, so we didn’t feel so bad.

Would I move to Vancouver? I can certainly see the physical attraction with the place. These beautiful scenic vistas of the waterfront, with seaplanes landing in the harbour, overlooking the mountains. I can understand why everyone is buying a house in Vancouver, and why no one can afford to live there anymore.