Sydney – My first holiday there

For some reason or another I had the 6am flight to Sydney booked. On the plus side you get a whole free day in Sydney. On the down side, you’re up at 4 am.

Walking Bondi Cliff Walk in Sydney
Walking Bondi Cliff Walk in Sydney

After arriving in Sydney, I spend a bit of time mucking around with the SIM card on my phone. These days who needs Lonely Planet guides and maps and stuff like that, it’s all done on the phone, but you will need data. You can get an Amaysim sim card at the airport for $2 AUD. Grab yourself a $20 AUD top up, then jump on the free airport WiFi to set up your account. Since I’m only here for a few days, I went with a Pay-as-you-go plan, with 1 GB of data for $10 AUD.

Getting around Sydney

So now that I’m back on the grid, the next step is to do a bit of travel. I purchased a My Multi pass which was $44 AUD plus another $20 AUD so I could use it from the airport. It’s a bit of cash, but all your trains, buses, and trams are free. Each of those can cost $3-4 AUD a ride. As long as you’re doing more than 10 trips in a week then you’re coming out on top. I must have done about 10 myself in the first day.

So my first stop was Central station. I wanted to ditch the backpack for the day before heading to the hostel. I headed to the luggage storage facilities, where for $10 AUD they’ll look after your bag for 8 hours. Now that I was sans-bag, the world was my oyster.

Sydney’s not that bad for walking around. From Central station you can walk down past Martin Place towards Circular Quay, where the ferry terminal is. It’s only a 2.6km walk, and it’s quite nice to get your head around the main part of Sydney.