Terms of Service

Thank you for dealing with Waylon Kenning, and my company Enterprise Architects Limited. By continuing to:

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You agree to our Terms of Service. If you do not agree to our Terms of Service, please discontinue your use of our products and/or services. Continued use of our products and/or services implies consent with our Terms of Service.

This Terms of Service (TOS) outlines the agreement we have between each other and how we interact.

We both agree not to do anything illegal involving Enterprise Architects Limited products and/or services. Enterprise Architects Limited is based in New Zealand, and is bound by New Zealand law. We agree that any court action between ourselves will occur in New Zealand courts. However, this does not exclude your obligation to not do anything illegal by the laws of the country you reside in.

We agree that certain Enterprise Architects Limited services and/or products may have a monetary cost associated with them. If this is the case, Enterprise Architects Limited will clearly state initial and ongoing costs of using this product and/or service. By using the product and/or service, you agree to pay us the cost associated in a timely legal manner. We return we agree to provide you the service and/or product described accurately and for the purpose we advertised.

We agree that certain situations have circumstances that are outside of Enterprise Architects Limited’s control. In any event as determined by Enterprise Architects Limited, we agree that the product and/or service provided by Enterprise Architects Limited may no longer exist or work the same as it previously did, and that we accept these changes by our continued use of the product and/or service.

Finally, apart from describing a product and/or service accurately and for a specific purpose, we do not claim or warranty or assure that our products and/or services will work for any other purposes. If they do, that’s great. If not, we cannot be held liable for this.

If any part of this Terms of Service is found to be invalid by law, then all other parts of this Terms of Service still apply. Enterprise Architects Limited reserves the right to change this Terms of Service, and will notify you if we do so by updating this message on the website.